Die Thailänderin Na-na sucht einen Partner aus Deutschland.

Naphat Khunyai Echt

122 Villages Of Ram Villas
Soi Ramkhamhaeng 30/1
Bangkok 10240

Spitzname: Na-na
39 Jahre
Looking for: Need men aged 40-55 years, single or widowed. Who can come Thailand to see me and learn me in Thailand not only for chat for fun . i look man who serious because i am working women not much time to chat for fun .

Height: 156 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Children: Children: There are 2 children, my boys in a boarding school class Mo5 and one in kindergarten, 2 boarding schools. A nanny takes care of both of them
Work: Have a private business open a company At the moment, the construction of a house, sales and rent For foreigners only, the project is in Rayong. Near Mae Pim Beach 400 meters from the beach. We are currently finalizing the house and will start construction in late June, which our project uses cash to invest. And we also have companies that deal with business problems.
Languages: Thai english Can speak a little English and communicate well.
Hobbies: Most of us
Have to drive to see our own construction site, most of it takes time to drive. Our work is like traveling, we rarely have time to have other hobbies. We rarely have a vacation and often fly to foreign countries because we have partnerships with companies in Burma.

Die Thailänderin Na-na sucht einen Partner aus Deutschland.

♥ Na-na" ist meine Thai-Traumfrau ♥ Wie geht es weiter?

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